the darkest ending of all…

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Yeap! Here’s my take on Alternate Fairytale ending…

The prince and the princess live happily ever after…

Ever after? What’s after that?

The prince would bring the princess back to his castle and imprison her!!!!!

The truth that has been untold for centuries….

Prince Charming is actually the most evil character in the fairytale world. He commands the evil witches, beasts and all sorts of evil forces.

His only interest is to cheat all the beautiful princesses in the world and bring them to the castle to lock them up forever. He would deploy packs of wolves, witches and even black dragons to ‘attack’ the princess. And during this ‘dangerous’ situation, he would ride his white horse and battle with the ‘enemies’ to rescue the princess.

He is never satisfied until he successfully captured all the princesses in the world!!!!!

And yes….there’s only ONE Prince Charming in the fairy tale world. All the stories that we heard or read before are lies!!! No one knows how Prince Charming looks like. No one knows what happened to the princesses after they were being rescued. No one knows where is Prince Charming’s castle.

All the fairytales are twisted into one dark and miserable ending!!!

well, this could be the real ending…who knows?

Do you know the ending?

The drawing is what I think is going to happen in Prince Charming’s castle. He is basically picking up a key that allows him to access to one of the princesses in the prisons. The evil witches, his loyal servants, are anticipating on what is going to happen next…


thinking out

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Hm I’m going in soon, so I don’t have time for another ThinkOut! What I can do is post a list of possible topics, then you all can just try anytime!

– Rabbits’ Defense against the wolves

– the Pirates’ Nightmare

– Floating Helium creature

– 8 legged

– the Real Merlion

– Egg that can’t be stolen

– No Eyed Deer

– Bioluminous Deep-sea fish

– Iron-clad Skin


and just for lolz…

– Waiting


just post anytime… including the old ones!

Tuoma by hsg

Posted in thinkout by hsg on August 26, 2008

submission for ThinkOut! #003

ok, kind of overkilled in this one… This piece more of ‘design’ than ‘concept’.  Next-Gen horse-camel hybrid used by roman knights to cross desert, fight wars, etc.

Anyone wants to participate just draw. don’t need to think too much or draw too detailed. own self own target!

duno if I want to do another one…


Posted in sketches by hsg on August 21, 2008

erm, yueng asked me to post my WIPs also, so here you go. he say it’s ok to be wordy, but i dun have much to say…

2nd piece have the teenage ver of lil match girl. i think the design too plain so ya, not finalized.

3rd one is tuoma thingy, still on-going.


Think Out! #003

Posted in thinkout by hsg on August 14, 2008

Woah it’s been more active here recently. Thinkout! is really a good way to get things going. thanks lee yeung!… (whereever you are now… *crickets sound*)

i repeat again, the deadline is there so there’s a form of motivation to do it. you can still post your submissions for Alternate Fairytale Ending or even Penguin! but if you do it after the deadlines, another topic comes up and it STACKS. so it’s just good to do it on time. Shihan post yours!!

as of now, the 3rd topic shall be “Animal Mount to Cross the Desert“! Lolz. Create a new breed of animal, can be a mix of different existing animals, but it has to be a species not in RL. It has to be ridable by human… you can simply suggest the human (show scale also). =)

It’s adaptable to desert climate. Becoz form is created by function, you might want it to have long eyelashes for protection, flat foot for walking on sand, and humps for storing fats… JUST KIDDING. XD anything you like, but works better if the design is logical/probable.

voice: wait… isn’t that TUOMA??
me: what? i don’t know… *snicker*

Ok, you can either draw your own version of tuoma, OR something else. I’m most likely to do both. =P Deadline is 28th of august.


Alt Hansel and Gretal ~!

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Story continues:

‘ … they came to a wonderful little house built with crispy biscuits and yummy cakes, topped with sugar icing roof and surrounded by lollipops, ice creams and pokeys!

Gretal immediately leaned against the window and bit one of the biscuits. Then a voice cried from inside the cottage:

” Who is that nibbling my house? ”  

Suddenly the door flung open, and a witch creeped out.  She says ” Come in children! Instead of feeding on my little house, I shall teach you how to make one.”

As days come, and months go, Hansel and Gretal
mastered all the witch’s skills and could make all
sorts of pastries and desserts!

Together with the witch, they opened baking classes for other children, sharing all the knowledge and passion for food & they all lived together in perfect happiness!

The End. ‘

-Only ending I could think of.. Wanted it to be happy! =D –

alt hairytails endings

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i mean, fairytales.

but on other hand, here’s one with hairy tail.

nothing special actually. just BBW literally ‘blown’ the house in, like hesaid he would… ok, i just wanted to draw BBW. X3

next is the little match girl, based on my original concept.

poor girl selling matches on the cold winter night, noone buying from her… looking into the windows of rich families, envies her…

and her jealousy grew. eventually, using the last of matches her had, burnt down the whole village. =D

thanks to this proj and various inspirations, i somehow got ideas and managed to fleshed out quite a bit of concept on her. maybe i’ll turn her into my mascot too! (much like pepper or watsoever)

match girl leaves the village. been seen the coldness of the society causes her to hardened her heart. her green eyes and stoic pale face shows no emotion, trust nor regret.

hm… maybe later she gets adopted by evil red riding hood and thus becomes the ‘grey hood’. (i designed her new suit already) … and her ability is fire. just a thought. =DD

sorry for bad sketchlines, still trying to get them right.


on an unrelated note…

Posted in sketches by hsg on August 8, 2008

happy bday to shihan (aka spider)! and olympics… ok not so much for the latter.

Think Out! #002

Posted in thinkout by hsg on July 12, 2008

First of all, a big thank you to all who participated….even thought it’s not many. XD Anyway I hope this can work out and continues! Those who still wants to post for the 1st ThinkOut! can still do so.

It has been busy and tiring for me these days so I kind of neglected… it’s time for the 2nd ThinkOut! The next topic shall be… “Alternate Fairytale Ending“! I pick a much broader topic this time round so we can have cartoony to realistic styles. Seems like a really fun topic now… just came up with it as I type. lol =D

Let the creative juices flow~~! Deadline is 26th of July 9th of August, at national day.

my posthumus work

Posted in paintings by lxcg on July 8, 2008

hiya all, didnt post stuff for quite a while. But since ill be living in a jungle from tml onwards, ill post stuff ive been doing lately. PORTRAITS! kinda enthu about them lately, but i find them very hard to do. The endless tweaking and tweaking. These are still not finished yet, but ill post them anyway.

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